Picture of Addy

Addy's Art

At Mulberry Layne, you will see that we are a family-owned and operated business and we are all about FAMILY! It is our goal to make each of our clients feel like family as well, when you walk in our store. Just as we are passionate about family, we are passionate about supporting good causes, especially ones that hit close to home in our family. One of the organizations that we support is the Epilepsy Foundation!

Almost 3 years ago, our grand-daughter, Addyson, was diagnosed with Absence Seizures, which is a form of Epilepsy. Our world was thrown into tailspin for our little girl and we have been fighting for her and supporting the cause ever since. Anyone who knows Addyson, knows how sweet, sincere and innocent that she is. She is blessing to everyone that she comes  in contact with and wears the biggest smile you've ever seen. She has not let this challenge get in her way and she strives to do her best   in all things and enjoy life to the fullest despite her challenges. She is such an inspiration to us all, so we thought we would share our  story in hopes that we could better support a cause so near to us. If we have learned anything from our 9 year old, it's to never give up and always keep smiling!

One way that we thought we could give to such a great organization is by using one of Addy's passions for art to create pictures that clients could purchase and all the proceeds would go directly to the Epilepsy Foundation

The images below are a few pictures that Addy has painted in hopes to raise money to support END EPILEPSY (www.endepilepsy.org)which is the mission of the Epilepsy Foundation (www.epilepsy.com). Epilepsy knows no boundaries. It doesn't care about your race,  your religion, your gender or your age. Seizures can strike at anytime, anywhere. We're using our brains to END EPILEPSY and the  challenges of epilepsy. For more information on this great organization, please take a look at the websites provided above.

If you would like to purchase one of Addy's picture's, you can do so through our website or by coming into the store. Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to fighting epilepsy together with you!